Courses Overview

LandSwimmer the Standard Course is now available free on YouTube, our website (through GoDaddy) and on the LandSwimmer cell phone app.

This course will take from two to three months to complete if done in the recommended manner - Slow.

The key to success with all LandSwimmer Courses is to remember that they are designed to be Low Burn/Low Impact. We make muscle and muscle burns fat.

The Standard Course will take the user from where they are to the LandSwimmer body without breaking a sweat. The LandSwimmer body will be the jump off point to whatever additional fitness programs, sports, or just quality of life the individual is seeking.

LandSwimmer will be presenting 3 additional courses as they become available in the next 15 months:

  1. LandSwimmer the Crossfit Bridge- A course for those getting ready and not yet ready for CrossFit.
  2. LandSwimmer the Advanced Course- You won’t be jumping up towers of tires but it will push you.
  3. LandSwimmer the Heavies- This course is in preparation and is our effort to help a special group.

In addition, a series of downloads will be available to provide additional tips on the swimming exercises and to train the non-swimmer in the modified strokes that make up LandSwimmer. Download 5 Rollers is the most important download to complete this exercise course.

LandSwimmer exercises done in the manner prescribed will exercise every skeletal muscle in the body in as little as 15 minutes a day. But the key to all the courses will remain: Go slow. Low impact/Low Burn does the work for you. By the time you have completed the requirements of the first session of the Standard course you will feel and start to see the difference.