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Blog Entry One – What is LandSwimmer?

LandSwimmer is the trademark and name of a new exercise system based on modified swimming strokes. With these simple exercises you will work all the same muscles and some more that you would swimming.  You are the equipment along with a mirror or reflecting surface to help you coach you when you practice. Each course will consist of an Introduction and 4 Sessions. The purpose and methods of the course will be outlined in the Introduction. Average time to complete a course will be 2-3 months. Where relevant additional downloads (special learning materials) will be available to enhance understanding and results.

As an example the fourth session of  LandSwimmer the Standard Course finishes with “The 600” which is demonstration of your ability to now do the 600 reps of the course together. This and all LandSwimmer Courses and Downloads go at your speed. Hence our emphasis, “Low Burn, Low Impact.” LandSwimmer works because the exercises no matter how slow work muscle which develops into more muscle and muscle eats fat (calorie demand of muscle is higher than calorie demand of Fat).  It is all mathmetical, but you will have an easier gauge.

Look at yourself in a mirror or selfie before and after you complete the first session. That is just the beginning. If you keep your current diet or improve it you lose weight from the exercise as the body works its way back to a swimming and in this case a LandSwimmer body. And by the time you finish the fourth session endurance and appearance will surprise you. You will be at a place you have not seen in a while and for some a place you have never seen or experienced.

The LandSwimmer concept evolved from a need by some of us to exercise in places with no gym or pool or track and in limited space.

The space needs of LandSwimmer are vertical distance of you standing straight up and extend one arm straight up over your head. The horizontal distance on the ground is the same. The width is the distance from hand to hand with the arms extended. The four swimming strokes are performed standing up and the two decompression exercises are performed laying down on your back.  Taken at the right Slow speed these exercises can be done without breaking a sweat and with little to no discomfort. The beginning stance is feet slightly apart (basically a distance that puts them under their respective shoulder).

Please refer to our disclaimer page for cautions and the downloads for special instruction. The Downloads are primarily for nonswimmers starting the course and the whole course series is aimed at 40 and over, but anyone with growth plates closed can take the course and get results.

The first set of courses are:

LandSwimmer The Standard Course; This is the first one for the Internet and social media.

LandSwimmer The Crossfit Bridge; A course for those getting ready and not yet ready for CrossFit.

LandSwimmer the Advanced Course; You won’t be jumping up towers of tires but it will push you.

LandSwimmer the Heavy Course; This course is in preparation and is our effort to help a special group.

As said elsewhere I look forward to seeing you in the sessions and the downloads. Let’s get started.

Dr P